The begining

A little background on my story. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, TBI, anxiety, adjustment disorder and ADHD. Because of this I have been a guinea pig for the drug companies. After my last episode I finally had my meds adjusted and am now taking 40mg celexa, 30mg xr addereall, 10mg immediate release adderall, and Klonipin twice a day as needed. I seem to be in a good place. This is why I can see clearly enough to share my story. I have been battling ptsd for about 2 years, or i should say I’ve been admitting it and seeking help. I found out while at work one day that a close battle buddy had taken his own life. That was when I realized I better get help before it’s to late. His death probably saved my life. RIP Richard Denham. There are many more low points in my life that I’ll save for later.


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