Ever feel like a test subject for the drug companies?


Every feel like a test subject for the drug companies?
Medications I have been on at one point or another within the past 20 months
Celexa 40mg
Klonopin 0.5mg x 2 a day as needed
Adderall XR 30mg
Adderall 10mg
I have had many ups and downs from these meds. Its didnt help that I also mixed alcohol with them. I am now seeing a psychiatrist and therapist who actually seem to want to fix the root of the problem not just hide it with medication. I have also stopped drinking. The alcohol was making me a completely different person and negating any gains I might have made from the drugs.


2 responses to “Ever feel like a test subject for the drug companies?

  1. Nathan, although I have never met your wife, I believe she must be an awesome young lady who loves you very much! Sounds like you have been through hell and she has been by your side through it all! I am so glad you are on the right track now and pray that you continue with the psychiatrist and therapist who seem to be helping you! You have a great-looking family and it appears they adore you. Keep up the great job that you are doing for your family and your country!

    • Things are strained but she puts up with me because she understands. Instead of just ignoring it or leaving me, she reads up on PTSD and is a member of some online support groups. Without her support I dont know where I would be.

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