Alcohol and PTSD

imagesI haven’t had a drink since Feb 28th. For me this is a long time. I did what most veterans do and self medicated with alcohol when times got hard. I am an Infantryman and it is expected of you to be a drinker. I fell into that status quo and drank all the time. I new I could quit but didn’t want to. Then came along the meds. Even though all the bottles say ” Do not consume alcohol,” I took this as a challenge. Eventually even a 6 pack would make me black out. There are so many days in my life I do not remember at all because of these blackouts. I am lucky though. My sense of pride and refusal to fail guide me and keep me from drinking. I will not drink because I will no longer let something control me like that. I am resilient.


3 responses to “Alcohol and PTSD

  1. So very proud of you Nathan! You have been through some tough times in your life and have come through them a stronger person. You are absolutely right, you are resiliant!

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