How this page started

408253_10151277392954102_1182960552_n28 Feb 2013 I finally lost it. I mixed meds with beer and whiskey and blacked out. I ended up throwing chairs, putting my head through a wall and laying down with my gun and a round in the chamber. Luckily my wife was able to calm me down. This was rock bottom. I enrolled in the Army Substance Abuse Program and switched doctors. The doctor has changed my meds but this is just the beginning of a long road. I have been sober for 22 days now. As time progresses I will try to post more info about my struggles. As for right now I just wanted to set the tone.


5 responses to “How this page started

  1. After reading your others posts, I finally got to this one. Nathan, my heart goes out to you for the struggles you are enduring! Made this old lady cry. Thank God for the wonderful, strong, caring, loving wife that you have. I am so thankful that you are getting the help that you need for yourself and for your family. Thank you so much for your service to our Country.

    • Thank you. My family is what keeps me sane. Soldiers deal with lots of problems but we don’t do it for the praises, we do it for the Honor and Love of Country. My last units motto is “Vincit Amor Patriae” (Love of Country Conquers) and this is what drives me to be a better Soldier for the people.

    • Mary I would like to thank you for the kind words on this post and the others. It really means a lot to me and to us. Thanks for reading the blog and supporting Nate and our family 🙂

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