Soldier Suicide: What Isn’t Being Said

Soldier Suicide: What Isn’t Being Said.

Society needs to realize what is happening. More deaths from suicide in a year than combat? This is ridiculous. News media cares more about what a celebrity wears to an awards dinner than a Soldier lying awake at night contemplating suicide. This is a great article that Americans need to read.


2 responses to “Soldier Suicide: What Isn’t Being Said

  1. Hi Nathan – thanks for re-posting my article. This really is something that more people need to be made aware of.
    I would love to get your personal story and struggles, if you would consider letting me interview you and working with you on a piece.
    Please contact me via email if this is something you would be interested in:
    If not, I completely understand! Congrats on 30 days sober and good luck!

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