30 Days Sober

I did it.

I did it.

So today marks 30 days sober. I feel pretty good. I am not in AA although I am in Army substance abuse program but haven’t done much with them. I credit my wife and my stubbornness to my success. My wife gave me a 30 days sober coin and a Veterans in Recovery coin to congratulate me. She is definitely my rock through all this.  I am hopeful  that the next 30 days will be as easy. For some people quitting is a never ending battle. I hope to help those people through my experiences. If you are struggling or someone you are close to is, comment on my blog or email me. I will do my best to help. Well here is to the next 30 days!


12 responses to “30 Days Sober

  1. No doubt in my mind you will succeed! You have the desire and that is a huge part of the battle. That, and the faith and constant support of your wonderful wife! Hang in there and keep up the faith! Mary


  2. My husband recently got his 6 month coin from SA in January. Each milestone is to be celebrated!! Congratulations!!!!

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