Horrible news today. Family members house burnt down. Lost everything

Today I texted my Mom and Foster Mom Happy Easter. I got a reply back from my foster mom Pam ” Thank you. Who is this? I lost all my contacts.” I told her who it was and she then told me why she lost her contacts. The other night her and her husband Dennis’s house burnt down. She lives in the middle of nowhere Arkansas in the Ozarks. The only fire dept is volunteer and the roads to her house are not very accessible. So they were not quick to respond. She raises Pomeranians and has several other breeds of dogs. Unfortunately she lost  4 dogs in the fire. I know to me animals are like children. Losing 4 dogs on top of losing everything you own is one of the most horrible things I could imagine. I am grateful her and Dennis made it out safe though. I am sending a check to help them. I need to find out the tax legalities of accepting donations to my paypal account. I want to help as much as possible. They have to take a couple weeks off work and are staying with her mom at the moment. They are going to need to replace everything they owned. Does anyone know how I can go about trying to get donations without a big deal from the IRS? If you would like to help financially or anything please let me know. Please pray for them. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. She took me in when I was 13 and helped me to grow up and get away from the path I was taking. This is a tragedy and could possibly cause them to have PTSD. Another reason I am putting this on my blog. PTSD is not only from combat it can come from any traumatic event.


Here is link to donate http://www.gofundme.com/2gkae8


8 responses to “Horrible news today. Family members house burnt down. Lost everything

  1. I believe an account can be set up in their name at a bank near them and people can deposit into that account. I would check with a bank to find out how to go about it. I don’t believe there would be any tax issues. I am so sorry to hear of their loss and like you, am very thankful that they got out safely. Keep the faith!

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