To the Veterans

Brotherhood-Biker-Veteran-Large-Patch-269x300Over my time in the Army I have met Veterans from many wars. WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Somolia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I have heard stories of pain and regret. I have also heard stories of glee and happiness. One thing in common with all of their stories was brotherhood. When one is put in a situation where they do not know if they will ever come home, the only thing you have is your brother and sisters. The person that gets on your last nerve everyday might be the same one to save your life. Their is no bond like the bond of those in the face of death.  This bond between Soldiers cannot be broken. It has continued for many wars and will live on for many more. I am glad to have been able to establish these relationships. I know at any time I can call on one of my battle buddies for a favor. I just want to say thank you to everyone that has served. I don’t know what I would do without the people I have come to call family.


6 responses to “To the Veterans

  1. Nathan, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    Take it from a fellow vet who self medicated for over 25 years – your on the right track! It took me another 20+ years to understand that the booze was just a symptom of all the other stuff going on between my ears. The pain merchants at the VA unfortunately do not have to reap the damage they sometimes cause just trying to STOP the PAIN! You are your best advocate. If what they prescribe is not working you ask WHY. If you don’t like the answer ask to see someone else.

    They have not made a medicine yet that say’s “take before cocktails” or “on a full belly full of booze” and there is a reason for that as you know well know. I have been sober for over 23 years, “one day at a time” in AA and trust me it works! You are counting days right now and that’s OK, milestones are very significant early in sobriety. As time goes by you’ll realize (as I did) that on any given day whoever woke up the earliest has the most sobriety. I could not address my PTSD if I was not sober. With a lot of help from fellow vets I was able to put down the “Tombstone” I carried around for over 40 years. What you wrote about selflessness is very true. You’ll find peace and serenity in doing for others.

    I’ll remembr you in my prayers as I do all my brothers and sisters. You’ll do just fine!

    Semper Fi,

    Danang RVN – 1965-66 9th MEB

    • Thank you. Its good to hear another service members experience. That is why I started this blog and my app. I want to be able to help others and get experiences from others. God Bless

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