Tattoo therapy

I have many tattoos. One arm is all military theme, the other is family. Plus other tattoos in various places. To me sitting in the chair getting inked is a form of therapy. The sound of the tattoo machine just calms me down. My military tattoos all have a meaning behind them, be it memorial or just a reminder. Does anyone else feel like getting inked is a minor form of therapy for them?

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3 responses to “Tattoo therapy

  1. I do this! Every time I overcome one of life’s particularly difficult obstacles, I get a new tattoo. Like you, I love the sound of the machine and the atmosphere in the studio. And at the end of it all, I have another piece of the ‘me’ puzzle displayed on my body as a memento of just how much I can survive.

  2. I can most definitely relate to the idea of tattoos helping. There are times that I have to pull myself back & avoid the ink. It is interesting the vices we look to now to avoid, drugs, alcohol, & anything else that could alter our ability to feel or remember the pain that is actually waiting around the corner.

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