Memorial Day

Today is a day to remember the fallen Soldiers and those still serving. Please take a moment today to reflect on how a Soldier has impacted your life. They do not need you to thank them. We do not serve for praises. We serve to remember those who have been lost. If you have a loved one who is a Veteran and they seem sad or distant today, do not question why. Many veterans will be reflecting today on friends lost. All we ask is that you remember those that have paid the ultimate price in defense or our nation. I do ask you to please keep an eye on your Veterans. Some might blame themselves or wonder why they are still alive and not a friend. We have lost too many Soldiers not only on the battlefield but also to PTSD. So I ask you, no I beg you to please be aware of not only the visible scars but the invisible ones. Vincit Amor Patriae!


3 responses to “Memorial Day

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  2. When you share your experiences with PTSD and explain how it has affected you and your family, it sure makes me think of how it has been for many others over the years. Wish I had known more about the impact many years ago so I could know how to respond to and help others, if possible. Keep up the good work!! I just found out that our local Amvets is collecting DVD’s to send to troops everywhere so they have movies to watch! I have collected a few and am continuing to do so. It is not much but if it helps a little…. Wishing you and your wonderful family the very best!

    • Thank you. That is why I started the blog because most people don’t realize how ptsd effects people. Who better to learn from than someone who is going through it.

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