The III %

I do not claim a political party, but if I did I guess I would identify with the Tea Party because of my firm beliefs on the Constitution and separation of federal and state. I am not a zealot though. I am a realist. We are a melting pot of beliefs, religions, races, and backgrounds. No one belief is going to pull us out of our deficit and make America a better place. There will always be conflict and strife. Too many people are jumping on the bandwagon, claiming to be a patriot. What most can’t seem to realize is even if we do have a regime change, there will still be a large percentage that are still unhappy. There will always be a large group of Americans that are against those in charge no matter what political party they are. It is natural for those not in control to want to rebel against those that are in control.

It is believed that during the American Revolution the active fighting forces against the King’s Army were only 3%. People now are trying to identify with this calling themselves the III %’s. The III%’s have a concept of starting their own community called “The Citadel Project”. They believe they can live in a fortified community in preparation for when “shit hits the fan”. They state “The Citadel will provide a place to live “a free/freer life in Idaho (or elsewhere in the American Redoubt) amongst the current strong, self-reliant and Liberty-loving residents of the region.” ( By doing this they are alienating themselves from the rest of America. What if a family can not afford to move to this community? Then they don’t deserve to live there? Where is the equality in that?

Separating yourself from the problem will not fix it. Starting a community like this will only make them look not only like a bunch of conspiracy freaks, but as enemies of the government. Because of the growing popularity of this movement they are bound to have people join them with less than honorable motives. Criminals will use this as an escape from prosecution, claiming they are being persecuted for being a Patriot. The founders of this town are starting the funding using money made from their firearms company.A great way to get your company’s name out there and make more profit is to align yourself with a political cause. Could this just be a way for these so-called “Patriots” to make a buck?

While I understand the intentions of this movement, I do not feel it will end up being for the good of the people. But these are just my opinions. As an American I am entitled to them. If you feel different, feel free to exercise your 1st amendment rights and let me know. If you try to infringe on mine remember I am a huge supporter of the Second Amendment