The III %

I do not claim a political party, but if I did I guess I would identify with the Tea Party because of my firm beliefs on the Constitution and separation of federal and state. I am not a zealot though. I am a realist. We are a melting pot of beliefs, religions, races, and backgrounds. No one belief is going to pull us out of our deficit and make America a better place. There will always be conflict and strife. Too many people are jumping on the bandwagon, claiming to be a patriot. What most can’t seem to realize is even if we do have a regime change, there will still be a large percentage that are still unhappy. There will always be a large group of Americans that are against those in charge no matter what political party they are. It is natural for those not in control to want to rebel against those that are in control.

It is believed that during the American Revolution the active fighting forces against the King’s Army were only 3%. People now are trying to identify with this calling themselves the III %’s. The III%’s have a concept of starting their own community called “The Citadel Project”. They believe they can live in a fortified community in preparation for when “shit hits the fan”. They state “The Citadel will provide a place to live “a free/freer life in Idaho (or elsewhere in the American Redoubt) amongst the current strong, self-reliant and Liberty-loving residents of the region.” ( By doing this they are alienating themselves from the rest of America. What if a family can not afford to move to this community? Then they don’t deserve to live there? Where is the equality in that?

Separating yourself from the problem will not fix it. Starting a community like this will only make them look not only like a bunch of conspiracy freaks, but as enemies of the government. Because of the growing popularity of this movement they are bound to have people join them with less than honorable motives. Criminals will use this as an escape from prosecution, claiming they are being persecuted for being a Patriot. The founders of this town are starting the funding using money made from their firearms company.A great way to get your company’s name out there and make more profit is to align yourself with a political cause. Could this just be a way for these so-called “Patriots” to make a buck?

While I understand the intentions of this movement, I do not feel it will end up being for the good of the people. But these are just my opinions. As an American I am entitled to them. If you feel different, feel free to exercise your 1st amendment rights and let me know. If you try to infringe on mine remember I am a huge supporter of the Second Amendment


2nd Amendment

don_t_tread_on_me_hebaI try to stay away from politics in life because it just causes conflict since I am active duty military. I never know who will end up reading my posts and misconstruing my words. I am an American. I have no political ties or belong to any political party.I took an oath to protect the rights of the people.

The recent mass shootings have given politicians the chance to stand upon their soapbox and attack the constitution. They hide behind the sullen faces of the victims in order to push their anti gun agenda. They blame guns and blow off the fact that these individuals doing the killings are mentally unstable. How can a few nuts be a cause to try and rewrite the laws that have been working for many years.

Why should I have to register my weapons? Who’s business is it if I have a AR-15. It is not an assault rifle. The AR stands for ArmaLite, the original maker of the rifle REF: Gun grabbers want the clueless masses to believe it stands for “assault rifle”. It is a rifle plain and simple. I have mine for target practice and for home security. Why would I want a rifle for security? For the simple fact that I am trained with this rifle. I have put thousands of rounds down range to make sure I hit what I am aiming at. Why use a pistol I am less trained in and possibly miss?

Now ask yourself, do you really think tougher laws will prevent anything? The war on drugs did nothing but force people to get creative and come up with cheaper alternatives. Crack and meth were not popular till the war on drugs. A criminal does not buy a gun legally, so how would making it harder to purchase one legally have any bearing on a motivated criminal.

If we start to let the politicians change our constitution, they will never stop. Do not let them take away your rights. If you haven’t seen what happens when the citizens are left unarmed in other countries then you must be oblivious to the world. Every horrible genocide by a political party has always started by disarming the citizens. Do not be a sheep!


To the Veterans

Brotherhood-Biker-Veteran-Large-Patch-269x300Over my time in the Army I have met Veterans from many wars. WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Somolia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I have heard stories of pain and regret. I have also heard stories of glee and happiness. One thing in common with all of their stories was brotherhood. When one is put in a situation where they do not know if they will ever come home, the only thing you have is your brother and sisters. The person that gets on your last nerve everyday might be the same one to save your life. Their is no bond like the bond of those in the face of death.  This bond between Soldiers cannot be broken. It has continued for many wars and will live on for many more. I am glad to have been able to establish these relationships. I know at any time I can call on one of my battle buddies for a favor. I just want to say thank you to everyone that has served. I don’t know what I would do without the people I have come to call family.

Seeking help for PTSD

One of the problems with PTSD is how to treat it. Drug treatment, cognitive therapy, group therapy, exposure therapy, desensitization, acupuncture,  and numerous other types of treatments. Every person is different in their own way, so they will respond different to certain treatments. Currently I am on a drug treatment and one on one counseling. I have just started the counseling so I can not  comment on it’s effectiveness as of yet. I have been put on so many different medications over the past 2 years and I am just now at a point where my family and myself can see they are working. The fact that it has taken so long is horrible. The problem is drugs arent always the answer. I know from experience the drugs do help me, but they cant cure the problem. The one thing I could never bring myself to do is actually talk to someone. I am a very closed in type of person. I do not share my feelings. Failing to open up has caused my feelings to fester and eventually take over. I am beginning to open up to my therapist, even giving her a link to my blog. I open up more writing or typing then I do in person. Maybe it’s because I do not have to see a face judging me.

As for my anxiety, I have decided to try and find hobbies to concentrate on and relax. I have began putting together models with my son. This is a relaxing activity and also gives me good one on one time with my son. I am also very much into electronics. I like to root (the  “jail breaking” of the android operating system) my phones and tablets, customizing them to my likes. This takes time to learn and is very relaxing to me. It helped me create an Android application for my blog. So far these few things seem to be working. People are noticing I am much more calm now.

What has helped you? I want to open this post up to everyone that follows. I want to know what you have tried and if it worked. Let others know your experience so that they might be able to get some ideas.


Being a Drill Sergeant in the U.S. Army, I am tasked with teaching future Soldiers to live by the Army Values. These values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. I want to talk about one value in particular; Selfless Service. The last part of the definition according to the Army is “The basic building block of selfless service is the commitment of each team member to go a little further, endure a little longer, and look a little closer to see how he or she can add to the effort.” This way of thinking can also be carried over to the civilian side. Giving or doing something for someone with no expectation of reward, praise or gain. There are not many instances in life  that the majority of people will do something for nothing. People tend to live by the cliche’ Quid Pro Quo. Today I have witnessed a number of people going against this norm. I posted earlier about my Foster Mom and her husband losing their home to a fire.  My wife and myself immediately figured out how much we could send to help.We gave as much as we could but it was far from what a family would need to start over. So I then decided to start an online fundraiser. In 8 hours we have raised $135.00. Several of these donations came from people I do not even know. Nor does the Jacobs’. This too me is outstanding. We haven’t raised much but the fact that complete strangers are contributing to the fund gives me a better perspective of humanity. I want to say thank you to everyone for helping this cause. If anyone else can help please do. Even if it’s only prayers.

Here is the link. Once again thank you and Happy Easter.